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Trusted Friends & Sites - Acupuncture Healing in Montville,

Allyson's practice is focused primarily on teaching self care. She specializes in healing from maternal narcissism and rediscovering self worth by examining the thoughts, habits and beliefs keeping her clients from who they are meant to be. She strives to empower every client to access inner wisdom and guidance to make choices that nourish mind, body and spirit so they can shine their unique light into the world. 


Toni Durino Groelly offers Acupuncture in Montville,

Anna Antanies is a Meditation Instructor, a certified Clinical Hypnotherapist (CHt) and a Practitioner of the energy-based modalities of Healing Touch and Therapeutic Touch. When she is not with her family, she is devoted to assisting her clients on their path of healing, empowerment, spiritual connection and wellness.

Early on, Anna was introduced to The Silva Method (A course which, among other things, taught her the self-practice of meditation.) This, along with her deep desire to help others, has strongly influenced her in her personal life and on her path of service. She has been “energy balancing”, as well as practicing and teaching meditation for many years. She earned a BA in Psychology at Seton Hall University and went on to answer her calling in the healing arts. Her formal training in integrative therapies began in 1999 when she learned the modalities of Healing Touch and Therapeutic Touch. In 2001, she received her certification in Clinical Hypnotherapy and became certified in Advanced Level Clinical Hypnotherapy in 2002. Most recently, Anna has been assisting others in managing their emotions and gaining a heightened state of well being through the amazing science of HeartMath. 

Although some of her training has been quite clinical, her approach is always heart-centered and divinely guided. Anna instructs group meditation classes at local wellness and fitness centers, conducts one-on-one sessions at The Inner Voice, and has made a guided meditation available through her CD entitled, “Waves of Relaxation”.



Acupuncture Healing offers safe, effective Acupuncture in Montville,

Aroma Acupoint Therapy, or AAT (as we like to call it) is a gentle, completely safe and yet profoundly effective treatment modality that utilizes the energetic potential locked within pure essential oils. Treatment involves placing particular oils on specific acupoints or reflex zones on the body in order to trigger energetic changes in the individual that will bring them back to a state of balance.



Trusted Friends & Sites - Acupuncture Healing in Montville, NJ

Avalon is a center for women’s health with offices located in Caldwell and Morristown. They offer a full range of women's healthcare, including adolescent health issues, preconceptual counseling, obstetrical care, well-woman gynecology, family planning, menopausal management, cancer screening and more. 

Toni Durino Groelly offers Acupuncture in Montville,

Wind of Great Spirit is a unique healing way given by Great Spirit and developed by Michael Taylor that combines elements of Michael's years of training in Native American Shamanic teachings, Eastern spiritual philosophy in the lineage of VortexHealing® and energy healing/bodywork.

Michael conducts individual and group healing sessions in this modality, both in person and long distance and has developed a series of trainings that offer healing arts practitioners and the general public a way to access this powerful healing way. 

Acupuncture Healing offers safe, effective Acupuncture in Montville, NJ

Under the direction of Dr. Suhail S. Jarroush, PhD. Doctor of Research Psychology, Clinical Hypnotherapy and Ancient Healing Arts, and Ms. Suzanne Bini, RSMT, Reiki Seichim Master Teacher, The Aquarian Sun Healing and Learning Center is a place of peace and knowledge, a place of powerful alternative and complementary healing modalities, where you could release your stress, control your physical, emotional and spiritual pain, purge your anxieties and discover yourself and your purpose of living, without relying solely on prescribed medicine or over-the-counter drugs.

Trusted Friends & Sites - Acupuncture Healing in Montville, NJ
Spiritualists’ National Union Church

Janet Nohavec was born and raised in Northern, New Jersey. A medium since birth, she has conscious memories of spirit communication since the age of 4. As a young adult, Janet entered religious life and spent five years as a catholic nun. After leaving the convent, she felt drawn to work with her mediumship and received extensive training to polish her gift. She now teaches and demonstrates mediumship internationally. She is co-founder of the Journey Within School for Mediumship. She is also pastor and founder of The Journey Within A Center for Spiritual Evolvement, Inc. She has appeared and demonstrated her mediumship live on numerous radio programs and has been the focus of several newspaper articles. Janet treasures the gift of her mediumship and proves extremely evidentially the continuation of life after death. She continues to reside in New Jersey where her school, church and private practice thrive.

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Trusted Friends & Sites - Acupuncture Healing in Montville, NJ